How to Get Your Mortgage Approved

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How to Get Your Mortgage Approved

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For individuals looking for a new home, it is most likely that you will need a mortgage and thus before even looking for houses, one should look to see if they can get a mortgage. For any bank to offer an individual a mortgage, there are several factors that are put into consideration. If one has a healthy credit ranking and a good stable income with some money stored in the bank, get a mortgage approval is very easy and takes little time allowing the individual applying to proceed fairly quickly to the home buying process.

If the person applying for a mortgage loan has an unimpressive credit report and is self-employed, the process of acquiring a loan becomes harder, and one is advised to apply a year before they plan to buy a house since the approval may take time. Below are tips on how to acquire a mortgage:

Credit reporthouse

Individuals applying for a mortgage have to get a credit report to help them identify problems that may lead to their application being denied. This can be gotten annually for free, but the applicant has to remember that mortgage companies get lower scores than what is indicated in the report when they run it through the system.


The next step is to collect vital documents that are needed in the application process such as the tax returns that an individual has filed for the past few years and bank statements for several months. These are required to show proof that indeed the applicant is earning an income and also to show the level of debt that one is in.


Another requirement that is needed before applying for a mortgage loan is money. This essential since before being given a loan, one has to show that they can pay the down payment that is required for their house of choice. It is important to remember that lower down payments will invariably result to higher interest rates from the mortgage companies.

Good credit

car key An individual also has to create good credit ratings if they hope to get their loan approved. This can be achieved by paying off as much debt as one can, repaying student loans, paying off outstanding loans on time and reducing the number of credit cards that are charged to an individual’s name. An individual should also desist from applying for further credit while their loan application is being considered as this may lead to rejection.