Types Of Funerals That Can Be Performed

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Types Of Funerals That Can Be Performed


We have a variety of funerals that one can choose from, but this choice in most cases depends on the cultural, ethnic, or religious customs of the deceased and their families. It is also an important factor to put into mind the personal preferences of either the family or that of the deceased so that one can choose the best way of commemorating and celebrating the life of a loved one.

We have two major and most common used ways of disposing of the remains of those who have died which are; cremation and burial. Therefore, one has a variety of services to choose from that can either accommodate these two forms.

Traditional funeral service

graveyardFor this particular type of service, the departed’s body is present and available for all to view at the discretion of the family. One of the major characteristics of this type of funeral service is that they are usually held at the funeral homes chapel or in the church chapel that the family chooses. In this kind of funeral, family friends and the community as a whole are allowed to pay their final respect and sympathy to the family a day before the actual service or on that particular day of the service.

But this is left for the family to decide. These visitations are not necessarily a must. The funeral service will be conducted under the guidance and coordination of the family, chosen officials and the funeral director. When the service is completed, the mourners proceed to the cemetery where a brief service and prayers are said or even other rite conducted at the grave site.

Graveside service

In this particular type of funeral, the departed’s body is present and available for viewing at the family’s will. These type of services are held at cemeteries that the family chooses. Friends and relatives can visit and condole with the bereaved family a day before the service or on that particular day as the family can prefer. It is also coordinated by the selected officials, family members, and the funeral director. It is at the graveside that committal services are performed. They include; final prayers and rites.

Direct burial

In this type of funeral, there is no visitation nor any services arranged. The body of the deceased is transported right from the funeral home to the cemetery and burial happens.
Cremation with traditional funeral service

It is more similar to the burial with traditional funeral services, but in this case, the deceased will be transported to a crematory, and when cremation has happened, the remains that are usually in ash form are returned to the family.

Direct cremation

woman This is a form of cremation where there will be no service arranged nor is there any visitation to console the deceased family. In this case, the deceased is taken to the crematory and cremation takes place immediately. After that, the remains are taken back to the funeral home then back to their family members who are now at liberty to inter the ashes wherever they deem best for themselves.

In whatever case, one can choose any of the above types of funeral service and accord their loved once the last respect that they deserve.