The advantages and challenges of being a truck driver


Truck driving and shipping services are one of the most important factors that ensure the smooth flow of this country’s economy. There are almost 4 million trucks delivering the foods and supplies that you need on a daily basis, as well as gas, and especially medicines that you must take every day. These services are made possible by men and women, whose main tasks include making sure that all kinds of goods are safely and punctually delivered to every corner of the U.S. Most of the items and things that you currently have in your home have certainly spent some time on the back of some delivery trucks or trailers. For this exact reasons, many view truck drivers and truck services in general as one of the key components of the country’s development and growth.

No deliveries without the drivers

Every single day, millions of trucks are traveling all around the country, carrying millions of tons of various goods, products and supplies. However, in order for these millions of tons of shipments to be safely and properly delivered, trained and educated truck drivers are more than necessary. Without a good truck driver, a certain shipment is at a great risk of getting damaged or being delivered late.

Passion and devotion

truckNowadays, truck drivers are in high demand. For that reason, the salaries of those who work as truck drivers are substantial, as well. With this in mind, one can hardly argue against taking up a career in the world of truck driving. If you are keen on starting your driving career, keep in mind that becoming a CDL truck driver can be quite difficult, unless you harbor a strong passion towards big trucks and rigs, and you don’t mind the foul smell of diesel and gasoline.

Different opportunities

Upon acquiring a class-A CDL license, you will have a wide range of truck driving opportunities, by working for well-known and reputable truck shipping companies, such as the Status Transportation, and others. You will have many options, including local, regional and state truck driving jobs, as well as long distance hauling jobs. Keep in mind that long distance and interstate jobs are much better paid than local or regional ones, but also carry more risks and are much complex in general.

A shortage of drivers

Despite all the benefits that come with being a truck driver, the truck shipping industry is currently suffering due to a chronic shortage of professional drivers. As a direct result of this shortage, these days it is much easier to find a driving job than it was before. However, do not go in thinking that a certain reputable company will hire you just like that. You will still have to pass rigorous tests and meet all kinds of requirements when it comes to the education, training, insurance and more.

Personal challenges

Additionally, some people simply dislike this kind of job, even though it well-paid, because it requires a lot of time and energy, which usually results in spending very little time with the loved ones and friends. If you decide to work on a local level, you will probably avoid these issues. However, if you opt for long-distance jobs, remember that it will be a challenge to maintain a healthy family and social life.

truck driverIn the end, the choice is all yours. If you decide to pursue a career in truck driving. Status Transportation Corporation will prepare you for many benefits, but also many challenges. If you think you are capable of dealing with them, it is highly likely that you will build an outstanding career.…