Practical Tips for Mastering Your Calendar


How do you manage your time? You can say: “I am very busy”, “I have a lot of things to do”, “I don’t have enough time to”. This is something you might not want to hear: right now, you are in control of your time. You don’t have time to waste to do things on your wish list. You can make your schedule nice by being discipline and create a master calendar. To learn more about the master calendar, you can visit the fox magazine website.

set up your calendar

The key to setting yourself up for a successful life is by starting with your calendar as a secret to unlock what you want. Everything you spend your time with is exactly what it will be at the end of your life. What do you want to know? Get ready to find out how to practice your attention. Here are some tips to start practicing with awareness.

Create the Schedules

Most of us allow the pleasures of everyday life to interfere with our attention to the present. How do we keep our attention? Like any other skill: training. Practice. Practice. So pick up the phone, start your calendar and take the time each day to teach that the only way is to plant the seeds and promote a conscious life. I like early in the morning better; I especially like the sunrise. So choose a time that can do this for you.

Set Alarms

Insert two alarms in the cell phone. Give yourself a 15-minute warning. It’s for you to complete what you are doing and get to a place where you will not be distracted. Set another alarm that will sound if you want to start meditating. Change the “do not disturb” signal to your cell phone.

Reconstruct Your Calendar

CalendarCreate your calendar as your guide. It will be better to construct your schedules in a calendar so you know when you can do what you choose to do. For example, you can write, On December 21, 2020, “I’ll go to my grandma”. If we interrupt the steps, give time at every step and imagine that our goal has been achieved, we can make it happen.

Set Yourself Up for Success

In the evening, it appears on your phone calendar during the next day’s program. Everything you want to do tomorrow is on your calendar? If not, enter it in your calendar at some point. Make sure you are realistic about the amount of time you will spend on this particular task. Please note that I have not indicated how much time it will take to complete the task, as I am sure you could have told me you did not know.

Suppose you complete it before the specified interval, great. If not, schedule an additional time to meet it the next day. Now look in your phone and set an alert for each new adventure. In case you need to find a structure before starting a particular activity, put an alarm on it.…